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Handling of Conflicts of Interest

As with any large firm with a broad client base, we are occasionally approached to represent clients on cases for which the counterparty is a client we already represent on another matter or with whom we are under contract to provide ongoing legal services, or where there is some other conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest between the parties involved.

In order to deal with issues of conflicting interests, our firm has established internal rules and information management systems designed to uncover, investigate and confirm any conflicts or potential conflicts prior to accepting a client mandate, and, where necessary and acceptable, to require measures such as the appropriate allocation of attorneys and other staff and establishing information firewalls so that attorneys and other staff involved in one case cannot access information relating to the other, and otherwise ensuring the protection of clients' interests, and fairness in the performance of our duties as required by the Attorney Act and the Japan Federation of Bar Association's Basic Rules on the Duties of Practicing Attorneys.

For further details, please ask the attorneys in charge of your matter.