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Emi Uchida   (Partner)

Emi Uchida
Admitted Japan (2000) 
Bar Association Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association
Kyushu University (LL.B., 1997)
Kyushu University (LL.M., 1999)
The Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan
Background Anderson Mori & Tomotsune (October 2000-March2014)
EY Law Co. (April 2014-May2015)
DT Legal Japan (May 2015-July 2017)
Member Member of the Management Lawyers Council
Member of the Labor Legislation Committee of Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association
Member of the Headquarters for the Promotion of Gender Equality of Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association
Practice Areas Labor and Employment (Assisting foreign clients starting business in Japan (e.g. advice on visas, drafting work rules, codes of conduct, employee handbooks and employment contracts), Assisting on HR policy reform regarding pensions or salaries (e.g. legal risk analysis, preparation of related documents, guidance on employee communication), Advice on daily HR issues (e.g. work hour management issues, employees' mental health, sexual harassment, power harassment, maternity harassment, termination, disciplinary action), Advice on HR related issues in M&A transactions or reorganization, assisting on PMI (Post Merger Integration) projects, Advice to Japanese companies on management of their overseas subsidiaries (e.g. research on labor laws and regulations in foreign countries, advice on restructuring in factories in foreign countries), Advice on correspondences with the Labor Standards Inspection Offices and other labor authorities or labor unions, Acting as a litigator for an employer (lawsuits, labor tribunals, provisional dispositions, unfair labor practices and out-of-court negotiations) and Advice on employees' data privacy issues.)
Languages Japanese and English

Recommendations and Awards


  • "Practical Legal Lessons (60) - Parental Leave," ROSEI JIHO No.3994 (2020)
  • New Practical Advice on Labor Law, New Edition, Third Edition, edited by The Institute of Labour Administration, ROUMUGYOUSEI Co.,Ltd (2020) [Co-author]
  • "Interpretation and Practical Measures for Handling Equal Pay for Equal Work - Points for Balanced and Equal Treatment as Understood from Laws and Regulations, Circulars, Guidelines, and Court Decisions," ROSEI JIHO No.3978 (2019)
  • "Future Working Conditions Drawn from the Supreme Court Cases (Hamakyorex Case/Nagasawa-Unyu Case) and the Part-time and Fixed-term Workers Act - Summary of Issues for Eliminating Unreasonable Differences in Working Conditions between Regular Workers and Non-regular Workers,"  ROSEI JIHO No.3962 (2018)
  • “New Upper Limit of Overtime Work Hours, Impact on Practices therefrom and Measures to Deal therewith,” Business Guide No.850 (2018)
  • “New Upper Limit of Overtime Work and the Impact on Corporate Practices,” ROSEI JIHO No.3934 (2017)
  • “Features of Equal Pay for Equal Value of Work – View of Disparities of Rational Treatment of Non-regular Employees from Laws, Regulations and Precedents,” ROSEI JIHO No.3927 (2017)
  • Guidance on Female Employment Practices, SHINNIPPON-HOKI PUBLISHING CO., LTD (2008-2018) [Co-author]
  • Compliance and Guidance on Labor Flows and Checks, SHINNIPPON-HOKI PUBLISHING CO., LTD (2014) [Co-author]


  • "Legal Reforms and Practical Concerns Surrounding Workplace Harassment-Second Round," hosted by Pronexus Inc., February 4, 2020
  • "Corporate Obligations and Practical Measures for Prevention of Harassment in the Workplace," hosted by the Business Research Institute, January 30, 2020
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  • "Urgent Response Required! "Contents of Upper Limits of Long-Working Hours and the Impact on Corporate Practices" – Comments by a Lawyer Familiar with HR Affairs in relation to the Expected Legal Reforms to be Established by an Extraordinary Diet Session," hosted by Roumugyousei Co., Ltd., December 11, 2017