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Masao Kishida   (Advisor)

Admitted Japan (2017)
Bar Association Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association
Education Kobe University (LL.B., 1972)
New York University (LL.M., 1982)
Waseda University (Doctor of Law, 1997)
The Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan 
Background Reader, Kobe University (1974)
Assistant Professor, Kobe University (1976)
Professor, Kobe University (1985)
Professor, Waseda University Graduate School of Finance, Accounting and Law (2004–2017)
Languages Japanese and English


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  • "Introduction to Business Accounting Law," Yuhikaku Publishing Co., Ltd. (1990)
  • "Seminar – Introduction to Business Transaction Law," Nikkei Inc. (1996)
  • "Accountancy and Company Laws," Chuokeizai-sha Inc. (1996)
  • "Law and Economics," Shinsei-sha Co., Ltd. (1996)
  • "Company Tax Law," Yuyusha Co., Ltd. (1997)
  • "Interpretation of the Revised Commercial Law—1999," Zeimukeirikyokai Co., Ltd. (1999)
  • "Interpretation of the Revised Commercial Law—2000," Zeimukeirikyokai Co., Ltd. (2000)
  • "Stock System Reform and Treasury Stocks," Chuokeizai-sha Inc. (2001)
  • "Corporate Governance and IT Development/New Stock System," Chuokeizai-sha Inc. (2002)
  • "The Securities Exchange Law," Shinsei-sha Co., Ltd. (2002)
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