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Nobuchika Mori    (Advisor)

Education The University of Tokyo (B.A. in Arts and Sciences, 1980)
The University of Cambridge (MPhil in Economics, 1988)
Background Ministry of Finance (1980)
Deputy Director of the Operations Division, Securities Business Bureau, Ministry of Finance (1988)
Deputy Budget Examiner of the Budget Bureau, Ministry of Finance, (1992)
Deputy Manager of the Finance Department, Inter-American Development Bank (1996)
Director of the Policy Co-ordination Office, Policy Planning and Research Division, Minister of Secretariat, Ministry of Finance (2000)
Counselor of the Minister's Secretariat, Ministry of Finance (2001)
Consul of the Consulate General of Japan in New York, and Minister of the Embassy of Japan in the United States of America, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2004)
<Posts in the Financial Services Agency>
Director of the Supervisory Coordination Division, Supervisory Bureau (July 2006)
Director of the General Coordination Division, Planning and Coordination Bureau (July 2007)
Deputy Director-General of the Planning and Coordination Bureau (July 2010)
Vice Commissioner for Policy Coordination of the Planning and Coordination Bureau (August 2011)
Director-General of the Inspection Bureau (June 2013)
Director-General of the Supervisory Bureau (July 2014)
Commissioner of the Financial Services Agency (July 2015 to July 2018)
  * No qualification as a lawyer (Does not provide legal advice.)