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Simon Bezzina   (Partner)

Simon Bezzina

Solicitor admitted in England and Wales (2011)
* Atsumi & Sakai is not regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority for England and Wales.
Advocate admitted to the Maltese Bar (1995)
*Not Registered as a Foreign Lawyer

Registration in Japan Registered Foreign Lawyer (The Laws of England & Wales) (2016)
Bar Association Law Society of England & Wales, Daini Tokyo Bar Association
University of Malta, Diploma of Notary Public (1991)
University of Malta, Degree of Doctor of Laws (LL.D.) (1993)
Chiba University, Japanese Language Certificate (1994)
Chiba University, Certificate in International Commercial Law (1995)
The University of Tokyo, Research Certificate in Commercial and Tax Law (2000)
The University of Tokyo, PhD (2006)
Fenech & Fenech Advocates (Malta) (August 1991–August 1993)
Malta Development Corporation (Malta) (August 1995–October 1998)
Nishimura and Partners (Tokyo, Japan) (July 2003–March 2006)
Deutsche Bank AG (London, UK) (June 2006–November 2006)
Mitsui & Co Energy Risk Management Ltd (London, UK) (November 2006–May 2007)
Morgan Stanley & Co International Limited (London, UK) (June 2007–July 2007)
Legal & General Investment Management Ltd (London, UK) (July 2007–May 2010)
Lehman Brothers Limited (London, UK) (July 2010–January 2011)
Royal Bank of Scotland (London, UK) (April 2011–December 2012, January 2013-July 2013)
Atsumi & Sakai (November 2013-)
Member AIPN (Association of International Petroleum Negotiators) (2018-)
ISDA (International Swaps and Derivatives Association) Credit Derivatives Determinations Committees (representative for all regions)  (2009-2010)
International Project Finance Association (2010-2013)
WNA (World Nuclear Association) (2015)
APLMA (Asia Pacific Loan Market Association) (2016-)
Practice Areas Nuclear - nuclear new build government package documentation (CFDs/SOSIA/Section 46 Agreement etc.), liability issues, nuclear fuel contracts and disputes relating thereto, regulatory aspects and negotiations with host state authorities, procurement and construction contracts.

Oil and Gas - field development and transportation documentation (LNG), structured finance (e.g. reserves based lending and derivatives based finance), decommissioning, acquisition and divestures, EPC contracts (including well/plant, offshore/onshore, footage/daywork), TCPs, JOAs, unitization contracts and farm-out agreements.
Project finance documentation such as facility agreements, inter-creditor agreements, common terms agreements, security documentation, direct agreements, and others.

Renewable Energy (including large scale offshore wind projects) - EPC contracts, financing contracts (project loans, common terms agreements etc.), project documentation such as turbine sale agreements, shareholder level agreements etc.

Insolvency and distressed assets.

Securitization, project finance bonds, derivatives and structured notes.
Languages English, Japanese, Italian, French

Tel +81-(0)3-5501-2383


  • Thesis entitled “Legal Aspects of Credit Derivatives and Synthetic Securitisation Schemes,” submitted to the University of Tokyo (2005)
  • “The Protection Seller’s Scylla and Charybdis: Negotiating the Moral Hazard Straits in ISDA-based Cash-settled Credit Default Swaps,” the Journal Of International Banking Law And Regulation, Sweet and Maxwell (2005)
  • “Protecting the Protection Sellers: is ISDA's “Not Contingent” Definition Still Haunted by Contingencies?,” the Journal of International Banking and Finance Law, Butterworths (2005)
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  • “Credit Derivatives: The Pig In The Poke? Regulatory Aspects From The Japanese Perspective,” the Journal Of International Banking Law And Regulation, Sweet and Maxwell (2003)
  • “The interpretation of statements in a notice calling a general meeting for the appointment of directors,” JURIST, Yuhikaku Publishing Co., Ltd. (in Japanese) (2001)
  • Thesis entitled “An Analysis Of Malta’s Offshore Legislation In The Light Of Malta’s Entry Into The EU," submitted to the University of Malta (1993)


  • “Flexibility vs. Certainty in EPC and supply contracts – Focusing on contracts in the Nuclear Industry,” hosted by the Japan branch of the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation, September 5, 2017