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Takumi Fukuda   (Partner)

Admitted Japan (2002) and New York (2009)
Bar Association Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association
Education The University of Tokyo (LL.B., 2001)
Columbia University School of Law (LL.M., 2008)
The Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan
Background Nishimura & Asahi (2002-2013)
Listed Company Compliance Dept., Tokyo Stock Exchange Regulation (Currently Japan Exchange Regulation) (2008-2009)
Member Japan Venture Capital Association
Practice Areas Financial Law
Languages Japanese and English

Recommendations and Awards


  • Private Equity Fund 2nd Edition, CHUOKEIZAI-SHA INC. (2019)
  • Private Equity Fund, CHUOKEIZAI-SHA INC. (2017)
  • A Brief Summary of the Companies Act, Vol. 6: Drafting and Amending Company By-laws, SHOJIHOMU Co., Ltd.(2016)[Co-author]
  • "Basics of Cooling-off (Right to Cancel a Purchase Contract) and Things to Remember," JA Kinyu Houmu No. 530, Economic Legal Research Institute (2015)
  • Intellectual Property Law: An Outline (Version 5), Koubundou (2013) [Co-author]
  • A Practical Look at Investment Limited Partnership Agreements, SHOJIHOMU Co., Ltd. (2011) [Co-author]
  • "First Major Revision in Six Years in line with Recent Amendments to the System: Using the LPS Model Agreement and Taxation Points to Note," SHUNKAN KEIRIJOUHOU, No. 1288, CHUOKEIZAI-SHA, Inc. (2011) [Co-author]
  • Setting up and Operating a New Holding Company – Dealing with Japan-Style ESOP, SHOJIHOMU Co., Ltd. (2011) [Co-author]
  • Commentary on the New Trust Act, Koubundou (2007) [Co-author]
  • Practical Advice in Relation to the New Companies Act, SHOJIHOMU Co., Ltd. (2006) [Co-author]
  • Corpus Juris Finance Update, SHOJIHOMU Co., Ltd. (2006) [Co-author]
  • Chapter VIII of The Report of the Institute of Intellectual Property on Practical Issues in Relation to the Introduction of a Trust System for Intellectual Property Assets entitled "A Guide to Drafting an Intellectual Property Trust Services Manual," Institute of Intellectual Property (2004) [Co-author]
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