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Legal Notices

1. About Atsumi & Sakai

Atsumi & Sakai is a group of Atsumi & Sakai Legal Professional Corporation, a corporation organized under the Attorney Act of Japan, which forms foreign law joint ventures under the Act on Special Measures Concerning the Handling of Legal Services by Foreign Lawyers with certain registered foreign lawyers at our firm, and lawyers of a Japanese Civil Code partnership (represented by Yutaka Sakai, a lawyer admitted in Japan). We also form a foreign law joint venture with Markus Janssen, a foreign lawyer registered in Japan to advise on the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, heading Janssen Foreign Law Office.  In addition to lawyers admitted in Japan (including a Japanese lawyer also admitted in England and Wales), our firm includes foreign lawyers registered in Japan to advise on the laws of the US States of New York and California, the People’s Republic of China, India, and the State of Queensland, Australia. Foreign lawyers registered in Japan to advise on state laws are also qualified to advise on federal laws of their respective countries.

Atsumi & Sakai Legal Professional Corporation also wholly-owns a subsidiary, Atsumi & Sakai Europe Limited (a company incorporated in England and Wales (No: 09389892); sole director Naoki Kanehisa, a lawyer admitted in Japan), as its London Office. It also has an affiliate office in Frankfurt, Atsumi Sakai Janssen Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, a German legal professional corporation (local managing director: Frank Becker, a lawyer admitted in the Federal Republic of Germany).

2. Legal Advice

Unless stated otherwise by A&S, any legal advice given by A&S is given under the supervision and authority of (i) in respect of Japanese law or any laws other than foreign laws on which our foreign lawyers are registered in Japan to advise, a specified lawyer admitted in Japan at A&S, or (ii) in respect of any foreign law on which our foreign lawyer is registered in Japan to advise, such registered foreign lawyer.