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Atsumi & Sakai provides a wide range of legal services to domestic and international corporations seeking advice on legal issues arising in the course of business, ranging from corporate governance and employment law issues, civil law and administrative law matters that affect corporations drafting and negotiating various corporate agreements, providing legal opinions on corporate matters, due diligence of acquisition targets, review of sales material, internal rules and other material in relation to the sale of products or provision of services. Below is a list of some of the more common corporate legal matters with which the Firm is involved.

  • Compliance and corporate governance
  • Advice in relation to general meetings of shareholders, boards of directors, executive committees
  • Inbound investment by foreign corporations, outbound investment by Japanese corporations, mergers and acquisitions and other international transactions
  • Mergers and acquisitions, defensive measures against hostile takeover bids, alliances and partnerships between companies, and due diligence of various proposals and contract negotiations
  • Spin-offs and other corporate reorganizations, proposals in relation to debt-to-equity swaps
  • Filing petitions for internal audits on matters such as in-kind contributions (genbutsu shusshi), asset underwriting (zaisan hikiuke), after-the-fact incorporation (jigo setsuritsu), and drafting certificates on behalf of such auditors
  • Advice in relation to guidelines involving the Antitrust Law (dokkin hou) and Fair Trade Commission (kousei torihiki iinkai)
  • Litigation, legal advice in relation to employment and labor issues
  • Representing corporations in relation to workplace accident compensation
  • Representing corporations in relation to investigations and inquiries into labor practices by the Labor Relations Commission (roudou iinkai)
  • Construction, Plant Export