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Dispute Resolution

Increasing competitiveness and the growing desire of businesses to protect contractual, IP and other rights have created an environment where companies, both domestic and foreign, are more readily resorting to litigation and arbitration. In order to deal with the challenges thrown up by this changing environment, companies need counsel with experience both in dispute resolution and in the underlying business areas, and where the claim has an international element, lawyers with true experience in foreign jurisdictions.

With its comprehensive practice across all areas of business, finance and corporate law, and supporting fields such as employment, intellectual property and anti-trust, its ability to field teams of Japanese and foreign lawyers and its lawyers’ extensive experience in appearing before the Japanese courts, Atsumi & Sakai is ideally placed to advise clients, both Japanese and foreign on dispute resolution in Japan and to support Japanese businesses involved in litigation overseas, providing advice and innovative solutions, and always aiming resolve conflicts promptly, advantageously and cost-effectively.

■ A Truly International Team

Atsumi & Sakai has a strong cross-border dispute resolution practice, enhanced by its ability, unique amongst independent Japanese law firms, to field a litigation team with foreign partners with extensive experience in international law firms. This enables the firm to explain clearly and in terms foreign clients will be familiar with the considerable differences between the litigation process in Japan and that in most other leading economies, in particular those with the common law system, such as the UK and the US. The team has extensive experience in advising foreign clients, both individually as groups of plaintiffs, on litigation in Japan from initial evaluation of the merits of the case, through tactics to hearings and settlements.

■ Arbitration

Atsumi & Sakai has represented clients in international arbitration, an increasingly important method of alternative dispute resolution internationally. 

■ Support on Overseas Litigation

With its team of experienced Japanese litigators and foreign lawyers from the primary litigation jurisdictions of New York and England & Wales, Atsumi & Sakai is ideally placed to support clients in procedural matters such as filing proceedings, discovery, depositions and witness statements, and the gathering and interpretation of evidence.

■ Administrative Actions & Investigations

Japan has a justified reputation for having a highly regulated business and financial environment, a fact which foreign companies doing business in the country often fail to appreciate so leading them into conflict with regulators such as the Financial Services Agency, the Japan Fair Trade Commission, Labour Bureaus, tax offices and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Atsumi & Sakai has a sizeable team of lawyers with experience in handling negotiations with, and investigation by these bodies, and related dispute resolution procedures; a number of members of the team have spent time on secondments to such agencies so giving them hands-on experience of how they function.

■ Criminal Cases

Unusually for a leading Japanese law firm, Atsumi & Sakai has a strong criminal law practice, including attorneys who were previously public prosecutors and special investigators, and can support clients in both white-collar and more traditional criminal proceedings.

■ Other Practice Areas

Atsumi & Sakai provides litigation and dispute resolution support for foreign clients across all its practice areas; for more information on them please see the relevant page of this site.