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September 26, 2018: [Event] "FIN/SUM X REG/SUM 2018": Yuri Suzuki (Partner), Hiroyuki Sanbe (Partner), Ryosei Nishida (Partner) and Fumiaki Matsuoka (Of Counsel)

Yuri Suzuki, Partner, Hiroyuki Sanbe, Partner, Ryosei Nishida, Partner, and Fumiaki Matsuoka, Of Counsel, gave a presentation entitled "Innovation through Data Utilization: Legal practice dealing with GDPR, cross-border transfers of personal data, AI, data agreements, Amended Unfair Competition Prevention Act, and Open API, etc.," at an international Fintech and Regtech event entitled "FIN/SUM X REG/SUM 2018," on September 26, 2018, co-hosted by Nikkei Inc. and the Financial Services Agency, sponsored by Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.


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